Tricia G

Tricia is a foundation member of NBC, an ever-smiling face in our Lead section and an enthusiastic member of our hospitality team. She has taken excellent care of some of our visiting coaches in her beautiful home.

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How long have you been a member of NBC and Sweet Adelines? How did you come to join?

I’ve been a member for close to 18 years in total. I started in 1995 before the chorus chartered as Northern Beaches in Sweet Adelines Region 34. At the end of 2002 I took four years off, the first two for travelling and then work commitments made it difficult to get back to singing for the other two. I saw an article in the Manly Daily calling for singers wishing to join a chorus on the Northern Beaches. I’d always loved to sing and had been looking for a group to be part of… just didn’t know where to find a group so close to home

What were you doing 20 years ago when the chorus began? (1997)

I was working for a government department as a Claims Investigator until the end of 1996 before I decided to take some time away from the workforce and took up golf. I’d always played a lot of squash and tennis and I really enjoyed being out of the office scene for a while to enjoy outdoor activities.

What do you most enjoy about the chorus?

I love the sound of four-part harmony and the friendship of the lovely ladies in the Chorus. I had always loved to sing and learnt singing for 10 years from the age of seven. My sister Sue and I used to sing duets and competed in eisteddfods and contests in New Zealand.

What have you done in Sweet Adelines that has taken you out of your comfort zone?

The choreography while singing as everyone probably knows!

What have you done in the chorus that has surprised your family and friends?

At times, the costumes, especially when we were all school girls in uniform or when we were Barbie dolls in blond wigs. They’ve loved the variety it brought to our performance.

What are you most proud of about the chorus?

The continued improvement and success in eisteddfods and regional competitions over the years, thanks to our wonderful dedicated Director, Assistant Directors, Team Leaders and Coaches.

How different might your life be now if you hadn’t joined the chorus?

The love of music would have always been there, but to have the opportunity to grow and share and perform is a very special experience and the feeling you get from singing is really uplifting.

What is the funniest memory of being a Sweet Adeline?

Probably when we all put on our Barbie wigs for the first time.

Who do you admire in Sweet Adelines?

The wonderful coaches, like Mary Rhea and many others who travel across the world to bring their amazing knowledge, skills, energy and techniques for a beautiful unit sound. Our Music Director, Linda Wareham for her endless commitment and time to ensure we have the best opportunity to acquire skills to make us the very best we can be. Sharon Cartwright, a trailblazer for Australia as she takes up her position on the International Board of Directors.

What is your favourite song that you have sung?

I have two… One Moment in Time and Go The Distance.

Tricia has hosted Queen of Harmony Mary Rhea, of Oklahoma City Chorus several times over the years.


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