No Cobwebs on NBC!

Northern Beaches Chorus got straight back into 2023 with a bang with coaching first rehearsal back with Rob Mance. Not your usual rehearsal, Rob concentrated on vocal production giving each section their own exercises.

Our returning Christmas program members where thrown in at the deep end with this rehearsal, getting valuable vocal couching in an unconventional way. Bob concentrated on one section at a time giving each a different exercise to produce the best unit sound.

Between listening, singing and laughter the Bases were singing through paper cups, Leads were holding their larynxes, Tenors poked their sternums and Barris took selfies! You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d walked into some weird self-expression group instead of a choir rehearsal!

There was, of course, method to this madness as Rob extracted a better group sound from us and left us with homework to do to incorporate our learnings into each rehearsal. We are now full speed ahead to competition in May. Look out Region #34!