Lynne R


Lynne is one of our newer members and joined as part of our Christmas Carollers program. Her first performance outings were at our carolling events and she became a member in time to perform in her first regional contest last year.

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How long have you been a member of NBC and Sweet Adelines? How did you come to join?

I have been a member since late 2015.  I had wanted to come back to singing for a long time but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I saw the Northern Beaches Chorus advertised in the Manly Daily and then I went to Narrabeen Markets one weekend and NBC had a promotional stand there. I took a flyer for the Xmas Program course thinking that would be a good way to see if I wanted to join the chorus before committing long term.

What were you doing 20 years ago when the chorus began?

Wow – 20 years ago!!! No I wasn’t singing in any choir or chorus – only in the shower or the car or a bit of Karaoke with friends!!! The last time I was in a choir was in High School which was a fair while ago. I did a lot of personal travelling around that time and was working for a fantastic company in Outplacement services in North Sydney.

What do you most enjoy about the chorus?

I am quite a shy person and singing brings out a more passionate and outgoing side of my personality. I can be anyone I want to be while I am singing on that stage or the risers. You can lose yourself in the song sometimes and the telling of the story.

What have you done in Sweet Adelines that has taken you out of your comfort zone?

I would think singing in a quartet in the Awesome Foursome program where you only had yourself singing your part. That was truly terrifying but also invigorating and challenging at the same time to know that you could do it.  It’s given me some confidence to think about joining a quartet further down the track.

What have you done in the chorus that has surprised your family and friends?

Apart from a bit of Karaoke, my friends and family have never heard me sing in a professional manner as I am more introvert than extrovert and I believe they were quite happily surprised to see me performing in a large chorus.

What are you most proud of about the chorus?

The camaraderie among this lovely group of ladies and the way we all try to help one another. This makes you want to do your very best so you don’t let anyone down.

How different might your life be now if you hadn’t joined the chorus?

Life would have gone on but I wouldn’t have had the challenges and stimulation of learning how to sing properly as well as coaching and being with a fantastic group of people.

I remember standing on the steps of St Marys Cathedral singing Christmas Carols and thinking “wow this is the largest audience I have ever sung to”!!! There must have been over 1,500 hundred people (or more – not really sure) and I felt so proud to be standing there sharing this moment with the Chorus. That’s something that I would never have experienced without Sweet Adelines.

What’s the funniest memory of being a Sweet Adeline?

As I haven’t been with Sweet Adelines for long, I think having to wear the big yellow ‘Learner’ sign at convention last year. It was a way of chorus members giving you encouragement and also a bit of light-hearted fun. Passers-by didn’t know what to think!!!

Who do you admire in Sweet Adelines?

Although I admire so many women in my chorus, I would single out Linda Wareham, Trish Tuffin, Sharon Cartwright, Sharon Stewart and Kylie Shanley. They are very much driven by their determination to make the Chorus the best that it can possibly be. The passion and love of what they do comes out every week at rehearsals and the time and effort they put in to the Chorus in their own time is astronomical!!! They have all given me praise and encouragement in regards to my singing and performance in the chorus. That means a great deal to me.

What is your favourite song you have sung?

This is a really hard question to pick just one so I’ll pick two favourites of mine –  Anthem and Go the Distance. Both are inspirational songs that seem to uplift us whenever we sing them. You can feel the energy.

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