Katinga joined NBC as part of our Christmas Membership Drive back in 2015. Singing at the chorus at numerous Christmas sing outs, Katinga caught the bug and joined the chorus officially in January 2016 embarking on her first Sweet Adelines convention performance in 2016.

Read on to learn more about Katinga’s journey with NBC and Sweet Adelines.

How long have you been a member of NBC and Sweet Adelines? How did you come to join?

I have been a member for just a year now. I joined when I followed up on a flyer that was put in my mailbox.

What were you doing 20 years ago when the chorus began?

Raising a young family. My first child was only a year old so my music was limited to Wiggles and lullabies.

What do you most enjoy about the chorus?

The social side is great but mostly it’s using my brain in a fun way and not having to think about anything else for 3 hours every week.

What have you done in Sweet Adelines that has taken you out of your comfort zone?

Performing at the National Competition was definitely a new experience – all the makeup, costume, rehearsals, etc were all new experiences for me.

What have you done in the chorus that has surprised your family and friends?

Performing at National Competition!

What are you most proud of about the chorus?

The camaraderie and support from all the women in the Chorus – it’s a lovely culture to be involved with.

How different might your life be now if you hadn’t joined the chorus?

I’d be a lot more stressed! With teenage children and elderly parents to look after there are a lot of issues to be resolved daily so Chorus is my time out.

What’s the funniest memory of being a Sweet Adeline?

Being given “L” plates with the other first timers just before competition.

Who do you admire in Sweet Adelines?

Who’s not to admire? All the women work hard at the craft especially our Director and Assistant Directors. Everyone supports each other so I admire that in everyone. If I had to pick one person it would be Sharon Cartwright. She has an amazing amount of positive energy, is involved at all levels of Sweet Adelines and is the first Australian to serve on the International board.

What is your favourite song you have sung?

There are a few but I think my absolute favourite is Anthem. When I first heard it I thought it would be really hard to learn because there are a lot of high notes and a lot of low notes but in the end I didn’t find it that hard (might be something to do with the way we were taught) and it sounds beautiful when we sing all together.

Katinga was warmly welcomed when visiting choruses in the USA on a recent trip!



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