Our introductory program

Come Sing with Us!

If you’re a woman with a pleasant, on-pitch voice and a desire to develop it, we’d love you to join us in our introductory program. Whether your voice is low, high or somewhere in between, there’s a place for you. We need all ranges to make our beautiful harmony sound. Our How To Join page will give you details of how to book in.

Learn about the 4 Voice Parts


We run annual group introductory programs, as well as individual programs for those who wish to jump in and get started at other times. Here’s a rundown of what’s involved:

  1. You come to an introductory rehearsal night. We give you some information about who we are, what we do and what’s coming up.
  2. Our music team will recommendation a voice part to suit your vocal range and style.
  3. You join in our group music lessons and observe a rehearsal.
  4. You receive sheet music and an audio file from your section leader to learn a song or two in your voice part at home.
  5. You’ll have a chorus buddy who can give you a hand and answer questions by email or phone between rehearsals.
  6. You attend a few rehearsals and sing with the chorus as they learn the song too.
  7. After a few weeks, it’s time to record yourself on an audio recorder while you’re singing with the chorus. Your section leader listens to it and gives you some friendly feedback. They’re looking for correct notes and words to give you a ‘pass’.
  8. Once you’ve had a ‘pass’, you become a member of both the chorus and Sweet Adelines International. This is when you pay your joining fee.
  9. You are given access to our Chorus intranet with administration information, calendar, contacts, music resources, a basic costume kit and educational materials. You can keep up to date with our activities and your musical progress between rehearsals in your own time.
  10. As a member, you join in our educational, performance and social activities and benefit from the joy of singing with friends!


The Chorus is a volunteer organisation so we spread the many tasks amongst our members. This is a great way to get to know more people, use your skills and even learn some new ones!

Listen to some of our music


Interested in joining?

If our Chorus sounds like a fun place to be, then see our How to Join page! You can read about some of our members in our 20 Women, 20 Years page.

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Sweet Adelines International

Joining Northern Beaches Chorus means you also become a member of Sweet Adelines International, the world’s largest singing organisation for women. There are nearly 23,000 members of Sweet Adelines International in more than 500 choruses who are perpetuating the unique American art form of barbershop harmony while looking optimistically to the future in their quest to Harmonize the World!