How to join


If you love to sing, there’s a place for you.  


If you love to sing (and can hold a tune), why not start a fun, rewarding hobby?  Even if you haven’t sung for a few years or don’t read music, our introductory education program led by Music Director Linda Wareham will build your skills and confidence. We’ll help you with which of the 4 voice parts you’re most suited to.

Our last introductory program in February and March 2017 brought us lots of enthusiastic singers! If you’re keen to join one, call Anne on 0477 211 609 or email to arrange a visit to a rehearsal and be put on the list for our next program.

Graduates of the program have already sung in the Sydney Eisteddfod and will sing in our 20th anniversary concert at The Concourse Theatre, Chatswood in September.

The chorus will travel to Hobart next May to compete in the national Sweet Adelines contest. This is a spectacular opportunity to enjoy the company of around 1,000 women in a festival of song!




Rehearsal information

  • Rehearsals at The Sydney Japanese School, Terrey Hills – Mondays from 7.30pm – 10.00pm
  • Introductory programs occur annually, with regular Open Nights
  • Learn your voice part from sheet music and/or digital recordings (no requirement to read music)
  • Affordable monthly fees (currently $50), plus a one-off joining fee and an annual costume fee
  • Come with friends, come on your own – just have a go!


nbc-singers-c-3What our members say…

“Finding a group I could sing with even though I don’t read music was a revelation!” 

“I came for the singing and stayed for the friendships.” 

“Rediscovering a talent I’d put aside after school has given me such a boost!”

“I was always told I couldn’t sing… I just couldn’t sing ‘high’ – thank you for finding a place for me.”


Contact Anne for details on our New Member program and our Open Nights!

Listen to some of our music