Gill has been a Baritone with Northern Beaches for 2 years and is part of new quartet the Lyrebirds. Gill crossed the stage at her first regional contest as part of the choruses front row in 2016.

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How long have you been a member of NBC and Sweet Adelines? How did you come to join?

I joined about 2 years ago and became a full member in April 2015.

What were you doing 20 years ago when the chorus began? (1997)

I was living in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK and having a career break bringing up my 4 year old son Mark and 2 year old daughter Kate. I was doing a part time Masters in Business Administration at the University of Durham with no inkling that in 2005 I would settle in Sydney.

What do you most enjoy about the chorus?

I love lots of things about the chorus – the fun, the friendships, the challenge. However, there is nothing quite like being part of that wall of sound when the chorus starts to sing – simply magical.

What have you done in Sweet Adelines that has taken you out of your comfort zone?

Where should I start? Recorded myself singing, added choreography to my singing, performed in the front row during my first Convention, wore very bright red lipstick, bling and false eyelashes and most recently quartet singing. The list goes on.

What have you done in the chorus that has surprised your family and friends?

I think all of the things that I mentioned in the answer to the last question except the singing!.

What are you most proud of about the chorus?

The chorus is very serious about its musical aims and goals which is embodied in the phrase “Everything on purpose all of the time” but it is also a very supportive environment for its members. This is why we have so many longstanding members. There’s a great mixture of fun and challenge.

How different might your life be now if you hadn’t joined the chorus?

Well what would I do on a Monday night for a start? I would have missed my first convention in Wollongong and making a start on quartet singing with the Lyrebirds. Chorus is such a big part of my life now I can hardly imagine life without it.

What is the funniest memory of being a Sweet Adeline?

The Pam Mason and friends address at the recent NBC 20th Anniversary Dinner is hard to beat – most notably the story of Pat being the pillion passenger of the handsome student in Canberra at Convention at age 80 – priceless!

Who do you admire in Sweet Adelines?

There are so many women I admire in Sweet Adelines, Linda our Musical Director and our music team and management teams and Janet our Bari leader but I think a big shout out to Sharon Cartwright is in order – a great singer who has devoted a lot of time and energy into Sweet Adelines and is the first Aussie director on the International board– go Sharon!

What is your favourite song that you have sung?

The power and enthusiasm with which we sing “Go the Distance” would be very hard to beat!