Carol is one of NBC’s longest serving members and her cheery smile shines from the risers for all to see.
As NBC’s resident photographer, Carol grabs every important occasion on film for the chorus history book.

Read on to learn more about Carol’s journey with NBC and Sweet Adelines.




How long have you been a member of NBC and Sweet Adelines? How did you come to join?

I went along to a Hall in North Curl Curl in late 1995, but auditioned much later. . My neighbour gave me a flyer distributed at the local school’s fete. She knew I liked singing. I didn’t want to have the commitment of joining a church choir and this group was (then) in walking distance from my home, so I went along to check it out.

What were you doing 20 years ago when the chorus began?

My children were adults and I was doing permanent part time work, but I decided that I needed a hobby.

What do you most enjoy about the chorus?

Learning to improve vocal skills continually plus all the amazing friendships of so many ‘sisters.’ I only had a brother, so acquiring so many ‘sisters’ was immediate and exciting, and still is!

What have you done in Sweet Adelines that has taken you out of your comfort zone?

I was never confident to sing or stand up in front of anyone for fear of failing or being laughed at.

What have you done in the chorus that has surprised your family and friends?

Taken on a Membership role on the committee and become confident and even ‘outgoing’
says my husband.

What are you most proud of about the chorus?

We are friendly and encouraging and we look after each other. We have fun!

How different might your life be now if you hadn’t joined the chorus?

I honestly don’t know – perhaps boring. I am never bored.

What’s the funniest memory of being a Sweet Adeline?

There are so many! The various funny ‘skits’ I have witnessed or been involved with. My first was as a participant in “The Beach Bags”. We were in Katoomba at my first Workshop in March 1997. Our President at the time, Nola Davidson changed the lyrics of “I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside!!”  I remember that my shoe came off and I just kicked it out of the way. We did perform it a couple of times.

Who do you admire in Sweet Adelines?

There are so many. I see lots of women who are quiet achievers. They just get on and quietly do what they can without any fuss. Our Director, Linda Wareham would be top of my list.

What is your favourite song you have sung?

I’m going to have to say that there are TWO songs that stand out for me – for different reasons. The first is This Joint is Jumpin’. I will never forget leaving the stage after our performance at Convention in Canberra .The audience gave an audible sigh which literally sent goose bumps down my spine. The second is a more recent song – The Climb. It’s special because of the message that is so inspiring. Oh! Sorry. I  just have to add that It’s Raining Men was a great fun song too….Maybe we could bring it back!! Hmm!

Great friends for more than 20 years!



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