Voice parts


Voice parts

Barbershop harmony is a style of unaccompanied vocal music characterised by easily singable melodies with intricate, close harmonisation.  

Whatever your vocal tone or range, there will be a part right for you.

The LEAD part usually sings the melody and covers a reasonable vocal range, between A below middle C, and C above middle C.

The BASS part is just the place for low voiced women with rich, mellow qualities. This part provides the foundation of the music and solidifies the four-part harmony. Women who sing alto often fit well into bass or baritone roles.

The BARITONE has a similar range to the lead and often crosses over into their melody line. This part requires blending and warmer voices able to sing intricate intervals.

The TENOR is the highest voice in barbershop 4-part harmony but it is different from the traditional soprano. The tenor needs to have a light, sweet, pure tone that will complement and not overpower a lead voice.

When joining Northern Beaches Chorus, our experienced Section Leaders will recommend the right voice part for you and explain the role it plays in achieving an overall, blended sound. Joining the Chorus is a great way to learn to sing in a friendly group environment. Each rehearsal starts with singing lessons to develop our vocal production techniques.

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